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Challenge School Volunteer Manager

Thank you for volunteering at Challenge School! 

The calendar events scrolling to the left are the list of volunteer events service hours are logged against.  Please use the school calendar for important events at:  Challenge Calendar


Your 25 hour Family Service Hours commitment is vital to the success of our school! Please follow the steps below to record your hours:


1. Click My Info on the home page, then click Events at the top of the Edit Volunteer page.

2. Search for the desired event.
3. After locating the event, click the View/Sign Up button on the far right.
4. On the task page, select your date, volunteer name, and times, and then click Assign Volunteer.
5. When the summary page is displayed with hours, click Submit.


Additional Tasks:  

  • Check your hours throughout the year on the 'My Hours' tab of your profile by entering August 11 2015 through June 10 2016
  • Set your volunteer interests by clicking the 'My Profile' tab under 'My Info', then scroll down and click the appropriate check boxes--THIS IS HOW YOU VOLUNTEER so chairpersons can contact you--be sure to show interests early in order to receive notification of opportunities
  • Ensure your family information is kept up-to-date on your My Profile tab also, for inclusion in the school directory, volunteer opportunities and for emergency contact purposes
  • Please notify the Admin of any email address changes so the newsletter distribution list can be updated
  • Enter service hours frequently to avoid the event no longer being open due to expiration


Getting started - to sign in you will need an email address and password

  • There is only one login per family--please share primary email and password if you need to share an account across multiple family members
  • If you are a returning family and know your password, simply enter your email address and password after clicking on Login at the top of this page--do not register again, and only one registration per family (by student)
  • If you are a new family to the school, click to Register link at the top of this page
  • If you have forgotten your password, continue to the Login link to select Forgot Password and a link will be emailed to your registered family email address--you can change it once you log in
  • If you changed email addresses and no longer have access to your old one, contact the Administrator


Any questions, please contact chal.vol.builder@gmail.com.

Service hours entry for 2015-16:

  • All hours are cleared every August 1.
  • Please enter hours for the new school year only between Open House Aug 11 2015 through end of school by Jun 10 2016 to avoid loss of data when the system roll occurs in August.  If you attempt to enter hours over the summer, they will be lost.  If you do not enter hours by the year-end cutoff date, they will not be included in your family total
  • If you do perform volunteer work over the summer, when entering them after Open House, simply record time against the event or task worked.  DO NOT attempt to back date them, and do not be concerned if there is not an exact description for At Home or At School generic events
  • Student class/teacher information will be updated by the admin after Open House--please do not enter this data
  • Family contact information may be updated any time the system is available--please do not use the custom fields
  • Click 'SAVE' or 'SUBMIT' after any type of data entry to avoid loss of data